Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sophia Stewart’s former lawyers Are Part Of Fraud.

“HAD the evidence, hid it & did not submit it in the california COURTS”
What evidence?

-The “Terminator” & “Matrix” movies already in the attorney’s possession
-600 Pages of probative evidence
-*Constructive Trust Pacific Western Productions
(*The shell company that produced the 1:45sec [verbatim] out of Stewart’s 81 Third Eye Movie Treatment)
-*The articles of Incorporation with the Secretary State of California
-*The names of Attorneys who constructed the Trust
-Lubell’s Confession, Forged Admissions and other documents
-Perjury Affidavits of all the Defendants, Bruce Isaacs & John Shulaman
-Stewart’s copywritten Movie Treatment and manuscript (81, 83, & 84)
-“The Third Eye” book itself
What Pedigree lawyer on case worth BILLIONS of dollars is going to fumble routine legal tasks; such as submitting crucial evidence to win a case? Since when did lawyers cease the desire to make money? When did news become so one sided? Why is Sophia Story being “blacked-out” of the mainstream media? Why hasn’t Main Stream media Contacted Sophia Stewart to hear her side of the story? Madoff’s story did not get back yard coverage. Sophia Stewart’s story is the Bernie Madoff of Hollywood worth BILLIONS! Is the media paid off?
A band of corrupt Attorneys charged Sophia Stewart, Legal Owner of The Matrix & Terminator, $50,000.00 (U.S. dollars) only to sabotage her entire California civil case by withholding the submission of the most critical evidence. We know now why Sophia Stewart did not appear in California court: She was bared and gagged from doing depositions and appearances.
According to New York District Attorney Thomas Warnom, Bureau Chief, Special Prosecutions Bureau, Stewart’s former attorney Jonathan Lubell received “a sentence of One to Three Years in August of 2005”. Jonathan Lubell confessed to have forgered Stewart’s Admissions (among other documents), all by himself without anyone else's help. Not one of Sophia Stewart’s former lawyers had the integrity to inform Stewart of the fact that Jonathan Lubell was convicted and serving time, due to forgery and grand larceny, while working Stewart’s Billion dollar case. Jonathan Lubell’s confession & conviction is an Automatic Default judgment. Sophia Stewart has won both cases! Therefore, a convicted attorney Jonathan Lubell along with, Michael Stoller (indicted for fraud), Dean Webb (cited for rambling) and Gary Brown (indicted for fraud) represented a “cavalry of corruption” that rode in to sabotage Stewarts multi-Billion dollar Civil Case in California Courts. Again, since when did lawyers cease the desire to make money? Sophia paid her former lawyers $50,000.00 (U.S. dollars) to do their jobs as attorney’s & officers of the court, not “saboteurs” working as “the loyal opposition” behind their clients back.
If Sophia Stewart wasn’t telling the truth, there would be no reason for a “cavalry of corruption” to perpetrate over 30 counts of fraud & perjury. Judge Brooke C. Wells ruled that the 30 counts of Fraud and Perjury stand as of August 11th 2009. And as you know two sentences of fraud over turns & wins a case because a Judge can not aid & abet in a criminal scheme.
If you own something, you don’t need a “fake deed” because you have the real one.
Sophia Stewart has the real copyrights to the Matrix and the Terminator; therefore she is the legal owner.
Fraud is used to hide the truth, never to compliment it.

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