Friday, October 31, 2008

The Mother of ‘The Matrix?'

By Masha Savitz
Epoch Times Staff

Why did Laurence Fishburne of “The Matrix,” say on air on a WBLS morning show a few years back, that he wanted to meet Sophia Stewart, whom some refer to as the “Mother of The Matrix?” What is it about Stewart and her claims to authorship of the visionary blockbuster that makes her so compelling?

The story, like “The Matrix” itself, continues to challenge reality—blending fiction with truth like a silver spoon on a trip down the rabbit hole of legal battles—the stuff movies are made of.

“Well, he got his wish,” says Stewart of Fishburne, “in 2006, when we both did the red carpet at the Palms Casino for CineVegas Magazine. He was flirting with me and I enjoyed it,” she admitted, listing just a few of her celebrity fan base.

“Wesley Snipes took me out to dinner. Diddy met me, Jesse Jackson invited me to his private birthday party in Beverly Hills, and Hammer showed me great honor by telling everyone he knew who I was and why it was important to meet me.”

The Claim

Stewart claims authorship of “The Matrix” based on her original and copyrighted work “The Third Eye.” In a court in Utah, where Stewart resides, Judge Dale Kimball has ascertained one thing—Stewart never had a fair trial when she originally took this case to court in 2004 in the state of California following an aborted settlement, according to Stewart.

It was concluded that the original case against Andy Wichowski, Larry Wichowski, Thia Bloom, Twentieth Century-Fox Film Co., Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., and Joel Silver resulted in a fraudulent judgment obtained by her original attorneys who deliberately concealed all forms of evidence, deposition requests, and conspired to violate her civil rights to a fair trial. The case was therefore sabotaged when Stewart unknowingly failed to appear in a California court. This could result in future criminal charges against the attorneys.

According to the FBI’s investigation, explained Stewart, “The Terminator” was also derived from “The Third Eye,” bringing the total sum that Warner Brothers and Fox made up to an estimated $8 billion for both trilogies from combined sales of merchandise, games, and DVDs. With so much at stake, Warner Bros. and Fox have a lot to lose.

Judge Kimball rendered an opinion on August 28 this year, finding all four seasoned attorneys liable for malpractice, conspiracy, and fraud. The FBI told Stewart that any form of fraud committed in the original case automatically constitutes a new trial. At the same time, Stewart has filed complaints with three different Bar Associations alleging a newly coined term, “Industrial Copyright Infringement Espionage.” This process will reopen the case for a new trial.

Stewart, who holds a bachelors degree from the City University of New York in journalism with a minor in law and psychology, and who later studied writing, spoke with me at length in September in a persuasive and intriguing conversation. We talked about the first trial, her inspiration for “The Third Eye,” and the unusual event that precipitated it all.

The Inspiration for Her Writings

The personal story of Stewart’s “The Third Eye” and the gifts it yielded was most fascinating to me. According to Stewart, her third eye (referred to in Eastern religions as being located between the eyebrows leading directly to the pineal gland in the brain and thought to enable powers of higher cognition) opened at 3-years-old when her older brother accidentally shot her with a bow and arrow, piercing her skin squarely between her eyebrows. She said this resulted in this long-known spiritual phenomenon.

It wasn’t until years later that she read that Tibetan Buddhists do this intentionally after years of rigorous training in spiritual mastery. This supernormal ability—which purportedly allows one to see into other dimensions and access information such as various time-spaces, retrocognition, and precognition—supports certain motifs, themes, and images found in “The Matrix.”

The Oracle, a pivotal character in “The Matrix,” Stewart points out for example, was modeled after herself, an African-American woman who has visions and expansive spiritual consciousness. The elements of numbers and codes prevalent in the film can also be linked to Stewart’s unusual skills in mathematics. “I did taxes when I was 11 years old. I got paid to do adult’s taxes,” she says.

“I have the ability to separate and actually go in my astral body,” says Stewart. The aspect of the storyline from “The Matrix” that she refers to as “how the people would be able to be on the ship and their spirit bodies are fighting somewhere else,” was based on a technique she describes as “separating.” She says, “That’s how the virtual figures were created.”

“I am so well versed in history and knowledge of ancient history and people,” Stewart remarks that many wonder how she knows what she does. “I can’t explain to you, I just know this stuff. It was like I was there witnessing history when it was being made, so I have intimate details of it. It goes beyond any books or reading of it.”

Stewart says that these abilities used to be commonplace for everyone but have since atrophied, though hers are intact. “People started to forget and not believe; that’s basically how they failed because they didn’t have faith anymore.”

“When we trusted in the Father,” continued Stewart, “we had these gifts from Heaven.” Later she adds, “Man started to lie and said that God didn’t exist and took other people away in their beliefs of God.”

Asked how she would describe the theme of “The Matrix,” Stewart referred to the Bible, sighting Revelations and the second coming of Christ. Matrix is the Latin word for womb, and the text reveals that Christ has to come through the womb.

“Machines dominate, then humans are kept in la-la land, keeping them in ignorance, keeping them in fear and bondage. They will never, never go though evolution to evolve spiritually into their fourth dimensional body. They will keep coming back over and over again stopped by ignorance instead of enlightening.”

Next for Stewart, “I’m a writer” she says, and is eager to make the already written prequels to “The Matrix” called “When Gods Walked the Earth” and “Soulless.”

While I am listening to Stewart, she not only seems to be The Oracle, but now embodies Neo as well, battling a daunting system for her truth as a victim of plagiarism to be revealed.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

All Eyes On Me!

All Eyez On Me, in reference to God. I wrote The Third Eye to wake people up, to remind them why God put them here.

There's more to life than money.

As I has confronted skepticism on all sides, much of which comes from Matrix fans, who are strangely loyal to the

Wachowski Brothers. One on-line forum, entitled Matrix Explained has an entire section devoted to me. Some who have

researched my history and writings are open to my story. Others are suspicious and mocking. It doesn't bother me,

I always knew what was true.
The reason you have not seen any of this in the media is because Warner Brothers parent company is AOL-Time

Warner... this GIANT owns 95 percent of the media... let me give you a clue as to what they own in the media

business... New York Times papers/magazines, LA Times papers/magazines, People Magazine, CNN news, Extra, Celebrity

Justice, Entertainment Tonight, HBO, New Line Cinema, Dreamworks, Newsweek, Village Roadshow... many, many more!...

They are not going to report on themselves. They have been suppressing my case for years... Fans who have taken

my allegations seriously, have found eerie mythological parallels, which seem significant in a case that

revolves around the highly metaphorical and symbolic Matrix series. Sophia, the Greek goddess of wisdom has been

referenced many times in speculation about me. In one book about the Goddess Sophia, it reads, The black

goddess is the mistress of web creation spun in her divine matrix.Now because of divine nature which can't be

reverse by no man as we continue to see what the signs reveal and pay attention we all will see his bless favor come to pass.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


What does Sophia Stewart, Patricia Bohanan, Shirley Slesinger Lasswell, and George Newberry all have in common? These prophetic authors and intellectual property right owners are known to be unrelenting in their pursuit to obtain credit for their work as Sophia Stewart (“The Mother of Matrix & Terminator”), Shirley Slesinger Lasswell (“Winnie the Pooh”), Patricia Bohaonon, (“NBA Animation Rights Owner”), George Newberry (“End of Days”) will not allow judicial hypocrisy to prevent them from gaining justice. Stewart contends she will prevail in court irrespective of the United States misogynist judiciary operating to deprive people of color their civil rights to be heard before jury trials, while judges and attorneys concealing their conflicts of interest to “aid and abet” plagiarist that have operated with utter contempt as if all parties involved were paid off under the table to obstruct justice.

In November of 2006, Governor Arnold Swartzenegger maintaining 5% ownership of the Terminator trilogy offered Sophia Stewart a $5 million dollar payment under the table to keep quite. Although, Ms. Stewart refused to accept the Governor’s crumbs from the table of kings it’s historically apparent the integrity of the U.S. judicial system is easily compromised when the blind fold comes off with a minority standing before the court and money is involved. Immediately, after Ms. Stewart refused to accept any settlement offer, why did Warner Bros. copyright the sequel to Matrix Reloaded while the film was already being distributed in the market? To date, Ms. Stewart is unwavering in her pursuit and demand for 25% ownership of Warner Bros. Studios, and 25% ownership of Twenth Century Fox with stipulations to hire 10% African Americans into the workforce by a certain date, and to hire 10% of multiple ethnic groups, including mandates to produce at least 3 positive Black films of historical figures over the intervals of three years. Ms. Stewart asserts her demand for a percentage of ownership in both studios will increase up to 38% in the event the studios fails to timely meet the milestones to hire people of color to offset the misappropriation of money out of the Black community. Ms. Stewart believes that such remedies are necessary to repair the unjust enrichment resultant from Criminal Copyright Infringement Espionage.

Many in America want to forget the brutal history of racism. From 1619 up to present, very few meaningful inroad between the Black community and Jewish community have been made in light of the historical fact that the Jewish community financed the Black Holocaust with many of the slave ships such as the Abigail, Crown, Nassau, Fours Sisters, Anne & Hizm, Fruedem Beny, Hover, Elizabeth, Antigun, Betsy, Polly, White Horse, Expedition, Charlona, Caracoe, etc.

Ms. Stewart demands an investigation to see exactly which groups actually financially benefited the most from the theft of her 1981 copyright for the Terminator Franchise and the Matrix Trilogy? The misappropriation of her 1981 copyright corresponds to a loss over $3.5 billion dollars directly to Ms. Stewart for all six films, and the loss of numerous jobs for minorities equating to more than $1 billion dollars due to Racism, Greed and Economic Espionage. In essence more than $4.5 billion dollars was funneled out of the African American community for the enrichment of other groups. Ms. Stewarts asserts over 95% of Caucasians Community, and the Jewish Community, in front of the camera, and behind the camera financially benefited and were employed by the Terminator Series and the Matrix Trilogy. Furthermore, Ms. Stewart proclaims members of the Church of Scientology were unjustly enriched from the theft of her Copyright equating to Economic Espionage.

In 1999, the Church of Scientology and Warner Bros co-produced a film called “Battle-Field Earth”. Stewart did not know at the time she entered Ron Hubbard’s “Writers at the Future Contest” that the Church or Scientology pilfered core elements of her book. Stewart did not learn about their incestuous relationship until after the Defendants knowingly and willfully sabotage her judicial proceeding by violating her civil rights by obstructing her from proceeding before a judiciary, concealing depositions, and refusing the enter any of her evidence into court record for discovery. At the time, Stewart did not know, Judge Morrow on her case was the lead counsel for the Church of Scientology, and remained collusively silent. Judge Morrow is considered to have formerly represented the Church of Scientology, which benefited from Reed Slatkin's $600 million Ponzi scheme. Indeed, Judge Morrow's other senior partner John J. ("Jack") Quinn was often lead counsel for the Church of Scientology International and other of its affiliated corporations and enterprises. Furthermore, Stewart’s lawyers failed to disclose their conflicts of interest by also representing the Church of Scientology for the Film “Battle-Field Earth.” Judge Morrow had a legal obligation to maintain an impartial court with candor, and failed to disclose her conflicts of interest, or exercise her ethical obligations pursuant to the Canons of Judicial Conduct to recuse herself. Judge Morrow knew that Stewarts attorneys’ were depriving her of civil rights under the color of law, while obstructing proceeding before a judiciary, and failed to intervene because she knew that a conflict of interest existed by representing the Church of Scientology.

In this case, even the devil would have been a little bit more inconspicuous in a court knowing the tone of Ms. Stewart’s scathing condemnation in light of the implications for the “Appearance of Impropriety.”

Ms. Stewart believes irrespective of a lackadaisical attitude on behalf of the Justice Department to not honor her copyright by arresting the plagiarists; she is appalled by the governments’ refusal to protect 20th Century Fox Stock Share Holders from corporate espionage. When Susan Merzbach the Vice President of Creative Affairs for 20th Century Fox, misappropriated Ms. Stewarts’s 1981 copywritten Third Eye Movie Treatment which became the Terminator series under a dummy company called Pacific Western, along with her buddy Gale Ann Hurd, it became corporate espionage while cheating Fox Stock Holders out of billions in royalties for the movie and all sequels, videos, computer software, and other merchandise.

Many Americans have forgotten that the civil right movement and every word of the constitution is based upon the blood of maters. In New Orleans, the United States judiciary took the 10 commandments out of the Courthouse and buried the word of God underground reflecting their true allegiance. Judge Moore told CNN's Paula Zahn, “Without acknowledgement of God, we have no justice system, according to the Constitution. And that, I'm sworn to uphold.” Many believe the United States has moved from a democratic society to be dictated by a fascist regime. Ms. Stewart believes the U.S. judiciary is infested with Latent Racist and misogynist who operate with utter disdain and contempt towards people of color by maintaining a two tiered backhanded justice system that consistently defrauds people of color out of their constitutional rights equating to Judicial Hypocrisy and indicative of an overt campaign of “Economic Warfare.” (See: Reports by the Sentencing Project and Human Rights Watch)

Ms. Stewart believes this form of Judicial Hypocrisy perpetrated by the U.S Courts to deprive people of color of their civil rights, Due Process and Equal Protection of law, while obstructing many of the opportunity to appear before Jury trials in criminal and civil proceedings, thus leads many people of color to believe the system is corrupt to the core. Ms. Stewart believes this mischievous conduct perpetrated by America is prophesied by the scriptures.

Ms. Stewart professes there to be a brainwashing movement to persuade the general public to believe that racism no longer exists in America, while systematically programming White children to harbor an aversion towards Black people (i.e. Spiderman III). Ms. Stewart believes God is the discerner of the hearts and mind. Ms. Stewart has stated on several occasions, “When God sees racism perpetrated upon His people, the hearts of the perpetrators BURN with SHAME.” Ms. Stewart says, “The reason America does not want to hear the race card played is because their Hearts Burn with Shame.”

This thorn in the moral foundation of America reflects of adversarial judicial system against people of color that operates as an active participant to defraud billions of dollars ear marked for the infrastructure and economic prosperity of minority communities, thus amounting to “Economic Warfare.” At this juncture, you can take the Blue Pill the story ends you wake up in your bed, and believe whatever you want to believe. You can take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and I’ll show you how deep the rabbit whole goes. To have attempted to steel the legacy of Ms. Stewart’s copyright surmounts to the “Matrix System of Oppression and Enslavement.”

Spencer, Susan, Black Enterprise

Assemblyman Bernie Richter,

Frederick E. Jordan, California Business Council of Organizations for Equal Opportunity

Robert Matsui (D-Sacramento).

Kanter, Larry, Los Angeles Business Journal